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Hey, welcome! We are glad to have you here! You are a curious, vital English student who wants to take the next step towards the best knowledge of our language, and this is the place for you!


Basic Skills Observatory is a revolutionary system of student contacts for people of all ages, from all corners of the world, who want to learn and improve their English skills. Today, being able to fluently express yourself in English is virtually indispensable if you want to have success and see all doors open before you. With expertise in the English language, you will stand ahead of all your competitors and shine as a valuable resource for companies and contractors anywhere in the world.

And what is the best place to learn English, if not England? With us, you will see yourself landing in our country in the glimpse of an eye. We will put you in contact with the best schools and learning systems in all the United Kingdom. Choose the site of your preference and you can be sure that we will take you there!

Why are we different?

Most English speakers from other languages who come to the United Kingdom to perfect their language skills choose the classical landing points such as London and other major cities of the southeast of the isle. This is not as good as it sounds, because these crowded places are full of tourists and people from all around the world. It is very difficult to get immersed in a foreign culture and language when you are surounded by people from other places, people who could even be from your own country. Eventually, students get tired of trying to use English all day, and end up speaking in their first langauges. They can hardly grasp the true English culture in this kind of environment.


Make new friends and learn English!

Unlike, spending your days in a city or town inside the country will force and challenge students into making their best effort and mastering English much faster. If you can visit the London Eye or the Thames, you can always spare one or two days and visit a major city. However, choosing a different destination for your stay is the best that you can do to make sure that you will improve your English skills to the max!

We offer contacts with the best English institutes and educational programmes

Whether you like traditional or untraditional language learning schemes, we have something that will interest you. Contact us today and tell us about what you want to learn and what you want to do in the United Kingdom. We will run a personalized search through our records of over 200 insitiutions and other schemes, all of them of certified academic excellence. Start right now an adventurous trip where you will learn a lot of English, and also make friends from all corners of the world, and have a lot of fun in the United Kingdom! What are you waiting for? Call now!


Now they can write in English!

"I was unsure to travel because I was afraid that I would be too lost in a new culture. But the UK welcomed me and I had a great experience with Basic Skills Observatory. I wish all my friends had the same chance."

By Xin Wangsei

"Being able to travel abroad is a great opportunity for me. I am so glad that I could find Basic Skills Observatory, after a long research. It was the best. I feel so empowered and I think that now I have no boundaries."

By Mariela Rodriguez

"You think you have had great English classes until you try something different and see what you were missing. After my trip with Basic Skills Observatory, I could never go back to a classroom. You learn in real life, with real people."

By Jacques Anton

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